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Garbage Disposal


Most people don’t realize this, but their garbage disposal gets a lot of traffic on a daily basis.  As one of the most essential appliances in the modern home, garbage disposals sometimes end up needing general maintenance and repair.  A lot of homeowners have no idea how to work on the garbage disposal and choose not to try because of the dangers involved.  At that time, a qualified expert is required and that’s where Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus comes in.

Understanding Why All Garbage Disposals Eventually Need Maintenance and Repair

You may think that knowing the number to a good garbage disposal repair company in Rochester is not that important, but you might be mistaken.  Garbage disposals mess up or fail for a number of reasons, and usually, it is when you least expect it.  Eventually, even if your garbage disposal functions properly all the time, you will have to contact an expert to help you with general maintenance.

At some point, all garbage disposals require the hands of a professional plumber in Rochester.  An object such as a piece of silverware or a chunk of highly fibrous food can become stuck pretty easily, and reaching your hand down into the machine to fix the problem is not ever a good idea.  Clogs are even worse and can occur due to congealed grease, debris, and sediments from the water in the pipes.  Regardless of how your garbage disposal functions, you will eventually need to have the machine properly cleaned.  In fact, if you neglect to do this you may might have to call a professional to help you snake the line or completely replace the system.

Getting the Best Garbage Disposal Service for Your Money

The experts at Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus understand that you work hard to provide your family with a well-kept and functional home.  Having a malfunctioning garbage disposal can wreak havoc on your home’s comfort level, which is why Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus promises to provide you with the best possible services when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your entire machine.  Because your project may require some electrical work, it is important to go with a company that is licensed and insured.  Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus only hires experienced professionals who provide top-notch service with which you can be confident.

Garbage disposal maintenance, installation, and repair are important, especially if you value the functionality of your home.  Call Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus or visit the official website for more information on products and services.  Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus is family-owned and operated, and has been proudly serving the Rochester, NY area for more than 35 years with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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