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Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

If your air conditioner is on the fritz, don't rush out to find a replacement just yet. Here at Wischmeyer's Plumbing Plus, we're equipped with the right tools and skills to tackle large and small HVAC repairs. To keep your AC unit up and running for years to come, we're ready to provide our top-notch maintenance services. Customer satisfaction is as important to us as providing you with maximum comfort in your own home or office. Let's work together so that your air conditioner will continue to function at peak efficiency. With us, you can relax knowing that you'll get ongoing assistance. Our licensed and insured HVAC technicians know all the ins and outs of resolving cooling problems in Rochester.

Your AC Repair Is on Our Agenda

We fix all makes and models of AC systems. Are you seeking a prompt solution? Our technicians are diligent and fast workers, capable of delivering timely turnarounds on small and large jobs. That's why Wischmeyer's Plumbing Plus is the company you can fully depend on. As the weather changes and heats up in Rochester, we're committed to helping you stay cool and comfortable. We want to tackle your AC problems at the first sign of trouble to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness on your part. Letting us give your air conditioner routine tune-ups is a surefire way to avoid paying for brand-new cooling equipment.

We’ll Fix Every Cooling Issue

This is all the information you need to save your air conditioning system from conking out completely:

Thermostat is no longer adjusting the temperature

If you still feel warm after lowering the temperature, tell us at your earliest convenience. The problem can easily be corrected. Whether you have a faulty thermostat or a damaged system, no AC-related issue is too challenging for us to handle. Before we leave your property in Rochester, the thermostat will record the right temperature like you want it to.

Cool air isn't circulating to your liking

When there's a lack of cool air, we have the ability to figure out what's wrong. This problem generally occurs because debris is blocking the condenser from doing its job. But of course, we'll do a thorough examination to be 100% sure. Depending on our findings, we'll waste no time starting on the necessary repairs.

Water is leaking from the unit

This is a common issue that often plagues property owners and it’s no stranger to us. We consistently come to the rescue because we like to put our skilled hands to work. Whether it’s due to a broken condenser pump or improper installation, Wischmeyer's Plumbing Plus has a solution for you.

Ice is on the unit

In most cases, ice develops when components inside the unit are dirty, blocked or malfunctioning. We understand all the possible factors, so it's going to be easy for us to deal with the problem.

A strange odor is in the air

Anytime your air conditioner starts to emit strange odors, don't ignore it. Call our cooling experts immediately because we'll let you know if mold and mildew are growing inside the unit. Most AC problems, especially this one, can leave you with headaches or costly repairs later on. Fortunately, we're reputable problem solvers, so why wait to reach out to us?

Air Conditioning Repair - Wischmeyer's Plumbing Plus - Rochester, NY

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Whether you're a new or regular customer, you'll get our undivided attention whenever you turn to Wischmeyer's Plumbing Plus. 


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