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Heating Installation in the Rochester, NY Area

Look no further if you want a highly seasoned technician to tackle your furnace installation. Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus has been fulfilling heating needs for over 35 years. Thanks to our commitment to completing jobs right the first time, we’ve developed a positive reputation in Rochester. We’re driven to satisfy all expectations on every job we do. Why endure another cold winter month without a properly functioning heater? You have us in your corner all year. With care and diligence, we use our skilled hands to design and install a wide array of heating systems.

Rochester’s Top Installers Are Here to Maximize Your Warmth Levels

At Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus, we continually train and familiarize ourselves with the latest codes and technologies. With all this knowledge, we’re in the best position to help you with your heating installation project. If more warmth is what you want and need, rest assured that we have a heater that meets your requirements. Don’t worry about making adjustments to your budget. Our rates are fair, and the estimates that we provide are accurate. Once you get a new furnace from us, you’ll see why Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus has an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our commitment to quality is as firm as it can be.

Hire Rochester Heating Installers Today

This is why it’s essential and advantageous to hire our Rochester’s heating installation services:

  • A new furnace practically ensures years of unmitigated comfort
    Do you agree that your existing heating unit has seen better days? We assume your answer is yes since you’re seeking assistance with your heating installation project. A newly installed furnace will quickly gain your approval because it will make your indoor environment significantly cozier.


  • Upgrading your old unit will finally put an end to dreading wintertime
    Unless you let go of an unstable heater, the coldest months of the year will continue to be a nightmare. However, if you let us install a new furnace, you won’t fear the winter climate any longer. You’ll have the power to adjust your home’s temperature to your liking.


  • Getting rid of a damaged unit eliminates several threats
    Insufficient heat is a common problem, but it’s not the biggest problem that you can encounter. A faulty unit can likely render you a victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. It takes only one gas leak to compromise everyone’s health. For this reason, we encourage you to reach out to Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus. We can tell you about your options and can provide you with the best recommendations.

Speedy Furnace Installations for Property Owners in Rochester

Have you ever had to sleep in a home that lacked sufficient warmth? If yes, chances are you know that going one night without a running furnace is no laughing matter. That’s why the technicians at Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus will show up at your time of need. We understand your time is just as valuable as ours – there will be no dawdling while we’re tackling the job. Our punctual technicians are trained to deliver fast turnarounds. We even provide 24/7 emergency service!

As true HVAC professionals, we can handle any heating project, regardless of complexity. Installing furnaces is only one of our specialties. To get us to come to your home or office in Rochester, you won’t have to rearrange your schedule. We’ll give you a favorably convenient appointment every time. When we first arrive, we’ll analyze your entire setup to figure out how big the new furnace should be. Call Wischmeyer’s Plumbing Plus today if you would like to make an investment that will allay your heating-related concerns for at least one or two decades.

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