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Plumbing and HVAC Roundup for June in Rochester

Spring is the time to spruce up your home. Your kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling systems are no exception.

Don’t let the task of cleaning up your various plumber and HVAC-related needs be a headache. Take a look at the best new plumbing fixtures for your home and don’t break the bank! Make your plumbing and HVAC bases an easy upgrade.

The fixtures you add to your kitchen sink or bathroom shower head can be exactly the painless upgrade you need this Spring to improve the design finishes of a room. Know your budget and stick to it! Use the more expensive fixtures in high traffic areas where you can enjoy it most. Research is key to finding the best options and making sure that it matches the look of your home. While you’re at all your fun fixture shopping, don’t forget to get an expert’s opinion. Have fun with it all.

While you’re spring cleaning, there are areas you shouldn’t miss: kitchens and bathrooms, appliances, heating devices and more. Here are 15 important tips to address all of your plumbing/HVAC clean-up steps. Check for leaks, proper flushing, effective draining in your kitchens and bathrooms. Check your sump pump, air conditioner, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and kitchen appliances. If you care to be especially thorough have your local plumber do a walk through to confirm that your plumbing and HVAC cleanup was super.

You can become your own professional plumber. Noisy pipes? You can discover the easy answer: anchor the exposed pipe. Frozen pipes? You can turn on a nearby faucet which releases pressure and gives the thawed ice a place to go. This article has solutions to your drain needs as well. All you have to do is pour some baking soda and vinegar down your bathtub drain once a month to keep it clog-free.

Don’t let the mess, stink and pesky details of toilet plumbing gross you out. Check out some easy, useful toilet plumbing tips.

Toilet Tip #1: Combat Clogs with Boiling Water

Toilet Tip #2: Say “So Long” to Moisture with Bubble Wrap

Toilet Tip #3: Save Water with a Recycled Water Bottle

While you’re spring cleaning to prepare for all the summer activities you’ll be hosting, you can use these helpful tools and reminders so that plumbing repairs and HVAC is not an issue all summer long.

Are you ready to flex your own self-plumbing muscles? We think so.

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